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Advanced Course on Pronunciation in American English

Pronunciation in American english American Business Idioms

"Pronunciation in American English" is an interactive multimedia program that improves pronunciation skills for non-native speakers of English at the intermediate level and above. Mantec Consultants Pvt. Ltd. assists in India for promoting and using this advanced training tool for improving pronunciation in American English.

The program can be used by individual learners, in classroom training environments, and can be adapted for distance learning courses. Since it is interactive, the program provides learners with both visual and aural simulations.

In addition, the pronunciation and other language exercises portrayed in the program are set in a meaningful workplace context, allowing learners to practice and improve their communication skills in a realistic way. The product was developed by Kathy L. Hans of AmEnglish.com, and focuses on the key areas of stress, intonation and rhythm.

All of the products in the Tools for TOEIC (Test of English for International Communication) series are designed to be practical tools of the highest instructional quality, and are intended for people who are already employed or who are seeking employment in the global workplace.

Target Audience

IT Professionals ,Software Engineers Scholars, Individuals Aspiring To Go Abroad By Clearing Entrance Exams Like TOEFL Or To Work With Multinationals.

Course contents of the program
Part 1 –Syllables
  • Environmental impact assessment studies, for all types of projects-industrial, power, refineries, ports, roads, residential colonies, hazardous waste sites, mines, etc.

Part 2 –Stress in words – A
  • This part uses a very useful visual and kinesthetic tool (rubber band) to reinforce the concept of stress for students.

Stress in words – B
  • This part addresses fossilised stress problems. It aims to break old habits of incorrect pronunciation and reinforces the correct patterns.

Part 3 – Stress in sentences.
  • This part aims to help students internalise the rules learned in previous chapters and apply them in sentences.

Part 4 – Intonation.
  • This part aims at identifying and applying the intonation pattern by means of two types of questions- yes/no and students note whether the intonation goes up or down at the end.

Part5 – Rhythm.
  • Rhythm reinforces stress and intonation because the words that receive the strong beats also have more stress and intonation, but rhythm is where students put it all together and it can help them see the need for the reduction and linking that happen in English.

Part 6 – Evaluation
  • This part allows students to compare their recordings and note their improvement. Evaluation also allows students to identify areas that may still need work.

Part 7 – IPA and Problem sounds
  • This part contains samples from Longman`s Dictionary of American English. The examples for each sound are modeled and students can review these audio files by clicking on the symbol to hear the examples.

Part 8 – Workbook
  • This part consists of a hard copy of each of the practice and application exercises in the program.

  • The regular classroom course Fee is Rs 9,000 only.(To help you earn in lakhs per month).

The course will be conducted in two ways :

For four consecutive Sundays at the rate of eight hours per day.

On every alternate day for one month at the rate of two hours per day on Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday.

For further details and the free application form send in your name, address and contact details at the following address:-

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