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Why are we the best for environment consultancy services?

International competence

Mantec has technical association with international organisations such as sinclair knight mertz, australia, haskoning, royal dutch consulting engineers and architects, netherlands and finnroad ltd. Of finland, whose environmental studies and environmental engineering groups are considered to be one of the largest and most competent in australia, the netherlands and finland respectively. These associations ensure that the studies and assignments carried out by us are of international quality yet cost effective. For iso 14000 certification, we work with foreign organisation, such as aspects certification services, u.k. who have already done work in iso certification for indian companies. For oil spill response we have technical tie-ups with a number of world leaders such as kepner plastics fabricators inc., and yankee environmental services of the u.s.a.

Meeting the environmental management requirements

There are several approaches to achieve the objectives of environmental management. Various options for meeting the objectives are formulated, evaluated and prioritised. The one with the optimum techno-economic viability is adopted for implementation.

We give choice

By reviewing the full range of technologies and options available including waste minimization recycling/reuse, useful by product recovery, etc. And recommend the preferred course of action most suited to meeting specific situations and requirements.

We use integrated approach

The urban and rural infrastructure and their solutions are not only related with technology but legal, institutional, fiscal and social issues also determine the success and failures of infrastructure projects. We use an integrated approach by studying social institutional financial and legal issues in addition to technical issues.

We use our expertise to investigate

To highlight our capability in the area of environment management, a few of the projects reflecting our technical expertise are given below:
  • Alleviating the problem by minimising product losses, waste water quantities by its reuse/recycling, changing production methods and substitution of raw material of high pollution potential wherever feasible,
  • overall benefits of installing any pollution control facility,
  • technology options to adopt the appropriate clean technology.

We save money

By looking carefully at all options and identifying the approach which results in meeting the clients qualitative requirements at minimum overall cost. Typically, our solutions avoid equipment-happy options. Using our independent expert advice, the cost advantage of an optimum techno-commercial solution is available to meet the client's requirements.

We help achieve

  • Designing and implementing pollution control devices
  • Obtaining clearance from pollution control boards/authorities concerned.

Unbiased service

Mantec consultants pvt ltd is a consultancy company with a creditable track record in achieving reliable, low cost and practical solutions to pollution problems. As independent consultants, we do not approach a problem in terms of applying a particular technology to solve it. Rather, our objective is to serve project interests by identifying the solution which best meets specific needs. We recognise the importance of working as a team with the client to achieve this objective.

Experience of mantec and its experts in water supply and sanitation engineering

  • Project management services under ganga action plan in varanasi and mirzapur towns of u.p.
  • Water supply status for mega cities ( an adb manila project).
  • Pre-feasibility on recycling of hospital liquid waste for irrigation purpose.
  • Urban centres water supply and sanitation project, bhutan (an-adb funded project).
  • Water supply, sewerage and drainage for bulk cement handling terminal, mauritius.


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